The Janus No.1 Paddle

The Janus No.1

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 This desirable high quality spanking paddle is smaller than The Vanquish which makes it easier to transport in the inside pocket of your sports jacket or handbag. Made to the same exacting standards it is firm and unforgiving when necessary but with skilful use can also deliver a sensual spanking to those special cases.

Available in all leather or suede one side it’s gorgeous goose pimple inducing leather aroma will weaken knees of those on the receiving end. Stamped with the world famous Janus logo. We have sold out of the original batch this is the new version using higher grade leather. 

It comes in an environmentally friendly Janus Collection cotton bag. If you are serious about spanking you will need this in your collection.

13.5"L x 3"W
Weight: 10oz/278g